Tuesday, April 18, 2017

2017 Earth Day Event (for Gr.1~6)

Dear all ,
April 22nd is World Earth Day. In order to let our children pay more attention to the world they are living in, I would like to invite you and your students to join the coastal clean-up event. The school will not provide transportation to the event so if students wish to join the event, parents are requested to take them there. If you are still interested in this event, please fill out this google from https://goo.gl/forms/gB0K29Qkvi0Z5Ici1
or contact Ms. Han-Yun Chiang (#294) by this Thursday. Here are more details for the event.

Date: 20176/04/22 (Saturday)
Clean up place: NanLiao
Schedule for the day:
         8:30-9:00  Assemble
         9:00-10:30  Coastal clean-up event
         10:30 Go home
Assembly Location: 
The first intersection after NanLiao swimming pool. map:

Important Notice:

  1. Please wear appropriate clothes, pants and hats. We suggest wearing closed toe shoes such as rain boots or sneakers. Don’t wear slippers or sandals.
  2. Please wear masks+gloves and bring clippers+trash bags/bins for trash collection.
  3. Bring your reusable water bottle so as to not create more waste. Bring a backpack for your personal belongings.
  4. Please work in groups of at least two people. Don’t try to move huge trash by yourself. Be aware of glass, nails, and other sharp things.
  5. Stay away from the sea and be aware of the tide. Don’t step on/hurt any animals or plants on the beach.
  6. If the event is cancelled due to the weather, information will be posted on the IBSH website. 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Green & Blue Cards

Dear parents:
    The eye examination and body development results as green card and blue card. They are distributed in these days(maybe today or tomorrow). Please follow the instruction as below, and submit them to homeroom teacher before next Wednesday(April 19th)

Thanks a lot ! Have a nice day!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Red imported fire ants emergency

Dear all,
     There are red imported fire ants show up in/outside of our campus. General affairs office put the white boards as mark of ants nests. Most of them are located near the wall or on the grassland. Some has shown near the intersection of Jieshou Rd. and Yuanqu 1st Rd. (right hand side of front gait).

Please remind students don't go the white board places until the boards are cleared. Thank you~