Saturday, September 24, 2016

Gr.10 Health examination

Gr.10 Notice

1.       9/26 students can eat breakfast,please eat before 10:00.
2.       Health check items include:
1) Body height, weight 
2) physical examination
3) Blood pressure 
4) Urine analysis 
5) Chest X-ray

3.       For urine analysis, don’t drink any drinks with sugar and/or take medicine that contain Vitamin C on the night before.
4.       Take a shower to keep the body clean!!
5.       Brush teeth in the morning!
6.       Wear loose fitting clothing. Don’t wear tight clothing.
7.       For chest, abdomen, and genital check, doctors may make contact with the body (either by the doctor or the doctor’s equipment, ie. stethoscope), according to the doctor’s professional judgment. If necessary, students may be asked to remove their pants. For the sake of their privacy, there will be a screen set up behind which the check will be conducted. There will be professional nurses on standby if assistance is needed.
8.       Be sure to be here on the day of the check.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Nice View of the Week (09/19~09/23)

Thanks for 6A and 6B , you did excellent job and made this campus cleaner and wonderful!

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