Monday, December 2, 2013

1A and 4A students will have the health check tomorrow, Tuesday, December 3

For Grade 1 and 4 Students and Parents ONLY

Dear 1A and 4A parents, 

         Your child will have the health check tomorrow morning.  Please send your child to school earlier, because the health check will start at 8:00 on time.  You child was given a notice from sanitation section.  Please read them carefully and follow the instruction.  Thank you very much for your help.  

Sanitation section, IBSH

If you don't get the notice, please read the following.  Thank you!

Health Check for 1A and 4A
Tuesday, December 3rd
Please assemble in the homeroom at 7:45.  Please be ON TIME.
Activity room in Kindergarten Department. (1F)

Note 注意事項
1.         Please make sure the students assemble at homeroom before 7:45.  The health check will start at 8:00.  There are many students will take the health check from both department tomorrow.  Please don’t be late. 
2.         In order to make the health check smooth, please remind your child that he/she must maintain good personal hygiene especially the day before the health check, including take a bath and brush teeth.  On the day of health check, please have your child wear sportswear.
3.         Please must attend the school on the day of health check if there’s no any emergency.  If your child is absent for emergency, please inform the homeroom teacher and sanitation section.
4.         The school needs to know your child’s health condition, so that the school can take care of your child properly.  Therefore, if you disagree to have your child take the health check at school, which is paid by the government, you still have to take your child to local hospital to do the health check, which you have to pay the fee.  After the check, please give the sanitation section a copy of the health report before December 15th.
5.         For chest and belly check (including the check of urinary system), with the help from nurses and teachers, the school will provide a private corner with tents to ensure your child’s privacy.   As for the urinary system for boys only, the doctor will ask the boy to pull down the pants, so that the doctor can exam the urinary system by palpation and inspection.  Please talk with your child about it and ease their anxiety before the health check.  (The urinary system check is ONLY for BOYs.)

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