Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Gr. 7 Health Check

Gr.7 students

26th October(Wed), we will hold the health check in the new gym.  Here are some important reminders.  Please read the following instruction very carefully

  1. 10/25(Tue.) : At night, please do NOT take any medicine which contains vitamin C.  Please do NOT drink any drinks with sugar.(coke, juice and so on)
  2. If you have to take the medicine of chronic diseases, just do it. (If you are a diabetes, please bring the medicine to school, and take it before/after your breakfast)
  3. Do NOT eat anything or drink milk after midnight on 10/25(Tue.).  You can’t eat anything until you finish the blood test.
  4. 10/26(Wed.) morning, please do NOT eat breakfast.  Please prepare your breakfast and bring it to the new gym.  You can have your breakfast after you finish the blood test.
  5. You should arrive at the new Gym before 7:30 on 10/26(Wed.).  
Please be on time  

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