Monday, November 7, 2016

Gr.1-6 Eye examination & Special Disease Survey and Development Card (Green & Blue Card)

Dear Parents,
    These cards are the general check for every semester, The records start from last year (2015 or 104 ) ~ the previous records are stored Health Center only, so it's empty on the cards~

Green Card(Eye Examination Results)
If it shows 達標準(meet standard), just sign on the report card.
If it shows 就醫檢查(treatment), please go to hospital or clinic for further examination, and ask the doctor to sign on the report card. If there is medical certificate, attach it to the report card.

Blue Card (Special Disease Survey Card and Development Card)
1.If it shows 過輕適中過重肥胖(body size), just sign your name on the report card, If it shows身高生長停滯, please go to hospital or clinic for further examination..
2.Special Disease Survey: Check if you have disease on the card, and check your status of the disease.正常治療中已痊癒, then sign below the status.

You also can see the instruction as below

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