Monday, October 14, 2013

Announcement: Flu shot for Grade 1 to 6 students

Dear Grade 1 to 6 parents 

     The following is the detail about the flu shot taking for your information.  If you agree to have your child get the shot, please talk with your child and comfort him/her before your child goes to school that morning.  Please explain to your child why it is important to get the shot.  In this way, your child won't be frightened that much when he/she sees the needle.

      Please read the consent form (pink or yellow one) carefully and fill out the consent form.  The homeroom teacher will collect the return slip on Wednesday, October 16th.  If you have any question about the shot, please contact Ms. Savannah at ex:294 or email Ms. Savannah at

     Thank you very much for your help!

      Have a nice day!

Sanitation Section, IBSH

Important Information about the Flu Shot (2013-2014)
For getting a larger image, please click the right button to download the picture.

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